Audio Visualizers PART 2 | 4 Presets | Blender | Animation Nodes

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This pack contains four .blend files ready to be loaded up in Blender and adjusted to your liking.

Check the individual readme that is bundled into every .blend file.

Some of the adjustments would be:

  • You decide the length and size of the visualizers by adjusting controller objects
  • Load any mesh object into the "Meshualizer"
  • Some of the visualizers generate vertex colors dynamically, that can then be used in the Shader Editor
  • You can even animate the settings to make the visualizers change over time
  • And a lot of tweakable settings in the Animation Nodes Editor

WARNING: The Animation Nodes addon is still under heavy development and can crash Blender. So safe often and expect some instability!!!

Additionally I am adding a python script that will help with rendering scenes that use Animation Nodes. Check the Readme on that as well.

Needs and works with:
Blender 2.92
Animation Nodes 2.2.2
(downloads can be found at the links above)

In case you encounter any problems or you have suggestions to expand the functionality, you can either reach me via my website or you can eMail me directly.

Thanks for your support and happy blending :)

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4 files to use with Blender and Animation Nodes

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Audio Visualizers PART 2 | 4 Presets | Blender | Animation Nodes

2 ratings
I want this!