Waves "Modifier" 2.0 | Blender | Geometry Nodes

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This product contains one .blend file ready to be loaded into Blender and adjusted to your liking.

Check the README that is bundled into the .blend file to get an overview on how to use it.

Some of the adjustments:

  • Noise now part of the node network. Can be adjusted for all instances oder individually
  • Offset texture sample position, as well as instance rotation and scale manually
  • Use random scale and rotation and snap the rotation to specific angles
  • Geometry Nodes nodegroup can be duplicated, to have as many differnt moving instances as you want. The new duplicated nodegroup just needs to be linked up to the existing in-/outputs

What you need:

Blender 3.2 (download)

You will also find a python render script included in the blend file. Use it in case the regular way of rendering  (CTRL+F12) an animation in Blender fails!

In case you encounter any problems or you have suggestions to expand the functionality, you can either reach me via my website or eMail me directly.

Thank you for your support and happy blending!

PS: For everyone wondering why it is a "modifier" at the moment! Even though it would technically already be possible to expose every setting in Blenders modifier stack, the UI is just not ready for this and it becomes an absolute nightmare to work with as an end user. I will of course update this file once this feature has gotten some developer love, which I'm sure will happen eventually :).


2.0 - Reworked for Blender 3.2. Noise and animation is now part of the node setup. Scale now has an offset and can be animated with the noise. Material is now also a part of the node network

1.1 - Tested functionality with final Blender 2.93 version, fixed constraint of empty object that was broken, added new instance objects to play around with

1.0 - Initial alpha version

I want this!

One blend file with a "modifier" built upon the new Geometry Nodes functionality in Blender

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Waves "Modifier" 2.0 | Blender | Geometry Nodes

11 ratings
I want this!